Zumatakan Eaölfs (Sue-Mat-A-Kan)

One of the races of Eaölfs this race are touched through the power of the comet with the Gillieabad of Summer and the Vorokian world of Jorven Kel Karenik Veek which makes them passionate and emboldened individuals who are known for their fiery temperament. They are quick to love and swift to hate and love to express their feelings.

They are an extremely proud race, brimming with confidence and a resolution that they have better cards in most situations. They have become a race of traders and heroes who live their lives by their accomplishments and use their wealth to surround themselves with people and things of beauty and power.

Zumatakans are designed for players that want to express as a confident and passionate individual that is suited to roles at the forefront of the game be that as a leader, a priest or a trader. They are keen, active and wear their hearts on their sleeves in any situation that they find themselves in.

Examples in the real world

  • Leia Skywalker from “Star Wars”
  • Jim Lake Junior from “Troll Hunters”
  • Marty Mcfly from “Back to the Future”

Essential Look

  • Zumatakans have various shades of dark red as an undertone to their facial colouring
  • They often have long pointed ears

Common Fashion

  • They favour brighter colours and silks
  • They tend to tie ribbons and feathers in their hair
  • Opulence for preference.

Roleplaying Guidance

  • Zumatakans are proud people – They love their achievements and they are keen to show them off to people. They can be easily hurt by people that do not take the time or effort to recognise what they have done.
  • Zumatakans are passionate – They will quickly get caught up in things that are happening around them, especially if it is something that they believe and will often find themselves championing causes that were not originally their own.
  • Zumatakans do hospitality – They believe strongly in the concept of hospitality for those who enter their home and camp a tradition that harks back to their original homelands in the Great Deserts of Egaria. To break or have hospitality broken is a deeply grave insult that may never be forgiven.
  • Zumatakans never forget – Be it a grudge or owed a favour, a Zumatakan takes these matters very seriously and will ensure that either is paid in full. This may be a thing that is passed down the line to an offspring but such debt is always honoured.
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