In the first days of this world the Gillieabad, the spirits that created all things, made humanity to stand as soldiers to defend it. Many thousands of years later the great Nexus came to this world and through its magic, the races that we know now were born of that humanity. The majority of the great civilisations of the world are dominated by humans who dictate the culture and attitude of those societies and continue to spread insidiously across the world.

The most widely spread, Humans are an eclectic race full of people from all sorts of locations and occupations. The variety of different cultures within the Royal Basin leads itself to have a varying range of Humans each with their own traditions and styles. 

Humans live on average to the age of 80.

Humans are found in every culture even picking up traits of some of the other races while integrating into various elements of the diverse lands of The Royal Basin, thus leading them to be an enigmatic race of variety and acceptance.

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