Playing Games in RoC

Since 1997 RoC has utilised various formats of game, practiced them and perfected them until we have settled on several styles that work to support everyone’s needs. These are based around how we provide agenda to the players which varies from event style to event style to allow a maximum spread of that agenda.

The story is rich in background and provides huge areas of plot that players can chose to become involved with which can develop as they see fit. They can also introduce their own story through their character background or by working closely with the system. This is done through a narrative sequence of plot arcs facilitated by specific events called Delvings and Epics.

The Political and Social aspects of the plot come out through the longer events which bring these aspects of the game under the microscope. Rather than one or two days for events they can span up to four and sometimes even ten days of action. All aspects of the game are constantly evolving and offer plenty of potential to older and brand new players alike.

Crewing in RoC

If playing is not your thing or you want to come on board as crew, writer or system developer then there are plenty of oppurtunities to join in which can be found here


These are Standard One Day Woodland Events which take place in and around Southampton and follow a specific narrative. This style of game is often referred to as linear and is usually a plot and player driven narrative that mixes heavy roleplaying, combat, investigation and light politics. They are used to achieve specific story or personal tasks whilst experiencing the thrill of the adventure and superbly written and deeply personal games. They complete with a post event debrief that covers what happens directly after the event that cannot be seen on event. This is replicated in the form of a written report on the main website.

These games range across some superb woodland that was built for larping with the system providing heavy volumes of set dressing and a high kit standard. Marquees and other structures are erected to add to scenes and to protect the crew and players from the weather. Hot drinks and snacks are available and first aiders are on hand should you need them.

The system runs two days of RoC organised Delvings and a minimum of two player booked Delvings a month should that month not coincide with any other style of event.


Whilst Delvings into story take can take place on both days of the weekend and follow different themes an epic is a two day event with the same theme. A two part episode of a story with climaxes on both days, the latter being the key area of success or failure. Other than that they follow the same format as a Delving although you will need to source accommodation if you live a distance away from the Southampton area. RoC’s discord service often provides crash space in a friendly and happy environment.

Audience Events

Audiences are held in static buildings and represent a gathering of individuals to a specific In Character event. Examples of these events are: A wedding, a diplomatic meeting, a coronation or a funeral. In some cases the system will provide the location and the motive for the event in others the choices and location can be organised by the players. The game ultimately remains in the hands of the system.

If we consider that the event is broken into two areas of intent that is the best way to imagine an audience event. Sites that are used usually involve the minimum of a hall with supporting facilities and grounds to provide outdoor space. The Audience and everything about it will take place in the core of the building and its surrounds whilst supporting events will take place in the remainder of the building and in locations on the grounds of the site or in System provided Belle and Emperor Tents that will be pitched to provide locations for other interactions to occur.

The Audience will feature plot relating to the location and the In Character event that is taking place which will take centre stage. Surrounding plots may be requested by players before the event begins and will be facilitated by Directed Player Characters, documentation and the like throughout. Politics and Ambassadorial facilities are available throughout as the might of national government comes into play. Alongside them players also have the opportunity to interact with economic and social considerations from across the continent.

Meanwhile the supporting events involve the players being able to leave the location of the Audience and travel to specific areas and scenes provided by the system. Examples of these locations are: Pre-arranged meetings that lay the ground work for other events or skits at coalitions, exploitation of an opportunity such as theft, assassination or trade or exploration of an area that was discovered in, for example, downtime. These can be prearranged as support areas by players booking these sections into an event in advance.

The site is lavishly dressed and kit standards are excellent as the system brings the location to life with Directed Player Characters and set dressing. The Event is fully catered including breakfast, lunch and dinner each day dependent on event timings. An event usually runs over the course of at least one day but this can extend into two or even three days of eventing. The system organises a minimum of two Audience events each year although, depending on their length, there are often more opportunities available.


The final offering of the RoC world are Coalition events which are run at very specific locations, the most common of which are a sequence of Forts along the Portsdown Hills in Portsmouth, Hampshire. These are a large site capable of holding several hundred people and offer buildings, tunnels, overground areas and a parade ground. There are also toilets, power, camping areas and the facility for indoor sleeping for crew and some players. These events are generally run over the course of 4 days and allow for many formats that belong to the other three styles of game that we provide.

A Coalition is a huge meeting of the various nations of the continent of Daer Akmir that belong to the alliance of unification. A Coalition blends the action and adventure opportunities of an Epic event with the politics and development of an Audience. Throughout this the chance for the players and System to provide tournaments, auctions, gambling contests occurs.

These are events that are constantly changing and provide the properly living atmosphere that LARPing should require from its games. This is where RoC lives and breathes all the other events that have happened in the build up to them whilst at the same time presenting fresh new parts of plot and progression depending on your style.

The Coalitions run on excellent sites where the system pulls out all the stops for set and character dressing. Months of work are poured into developing a coalition alongside the evolution of individual characters and the plot that they are building. These are the flagship events and no more so than the Tharinos which marks the yearly great assembly of peoples. This is an Autumnal event which brings together the story threads and politic of the year. All the great votes and appointments occur at this festival and the story usually reaches its yearly crescendo before the seeds of the next years plot are planted at the last Coalition of the year.


Events that the system are running are displayed here with a description or blurb explaining the basic parameters of an events direction. When you book onto an event we will then write plot for you into the game where possible. The following bookings rules apply:

  • The system requires the following minimums for the described styles:
    • Delvings and Epics: 5 players and 5 Crew
    • Audiences: 15 players and 10 crew
    • Colaitions: 15 Players and 15 crew
  • The system dictates Maximum players when it posts an event
  • All tickets are paid in advance and if an event is cancelled for any reason refunds* are offered or tickets can be carried over to another game.
  • If you are making a booking for a game in RoC you are expected to be able to cover your minimum players when that booking takes place and if you can manage any crew that would also be excellent!
  • Bookings are best organised through Discord or the Rising of Chaos Forums.
  • Bookings can be made up to three months in advance.
  • Less nonrefundable card fees and deposit if applicable.

Standard Delving and Epic Formats

  • The majority of these events are run here but changes may occur and will be clearly sign posted.
  • There is a small lay by for parking which can accommodate 8-10 cars so we encourage car-pooling for parking and environmental/economic reasons.
  • Arrival for players is from 9am with the intention of being in kit and on site for 10am
  • After a short brief the game begins and ends at approximately 5pm in the winter and 7pm in the summer
  • Post event there will be a debrief at the home of one of the refs where post event concepts are discussed and feedback for Character and Plot Development discussed with the team.

Standard Audience and Coalition Formats

  • Depending on event style these are covered on the event pages
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